Reference Project Icelandair - Union Glacier Field RNP APCH

Icelandair is operating into Union Glacier Field (SCGC), Antarctica since winter season 2021/2022.

Union Glacier Field creates several challenges as the airfield provides a 3500m long ice runway with no infrastructure. The terrain is a challenge from operational perspective as well as from design perspective. Obstacle data are not available and terrain data are reliable in a certain tolerance band only. From operational perspective aircraft operations in significant cold temperatures must be considered even during design phase already.

On request of our customer Icelandair aviaCONsult – procedure design & aviation consulting developed one RNP Approach and one RNP Guided Visual Approach.

The approach is customer owned, was coded for its Boeing fleet and successfully flown during each arrival into Union Glacier Field. The approach contributes to meet Icelandair’s safety targets by provision of lateral and vertical guidance in a critical environment. aviaCONsult supported the customer during the implementation and introduction phase to flight operations, which includes the review of operating concepts as well as of standards and procedures.

Location Union Glacier Field, Antarctica
Period 2015 - 2021
Customer / Airline Icelandair
Target Enable All Weather Airport Accessibility, Increase Safety Level