HONEYWELL - Development and Implementation of a Fuel Efficiency Training Program

Honeywell is one of the largest system and solution providers in the aviation industry. aviaCONsult – procedure design & aviation consulting is proud for having been selected as the preferred partner of Honeywell in developing a state-of-the-art fuel efficiency training. The target audience are airlines. Honeywell provides one of the leading fuel efficiency management software solutions for airlines and air navigation service providers. The FORGE tool (formerly known as AVIASO and GO-DIRECT tool) supports airlines to manage its planning and operational data in context to its fuel efficiency program. The training complemented Honeywell’s software product by an appropriate training program helping airlines to setup and run a successful fuel efficiency program.

The Honeywell and aviaCONsult team developed a two day entry course and an advanced fuel efficiency training course. Courses were held by aviaCONsult in various regions of the world, e.g. in Chicago, Rome, Barcelona, Singapore, Dubai and Frankfurt.

For the first time a fuel efficiency training for airlines included topics like airspace modernization, air traffic management aspects, stakeholder integration and change management aspects.

The program supports all efforts of the aviation industry to become more sustainable, more efficient and to take the direction towards green flying.

Location Worldwide
Period 2015 - 2021
Customer / Airline Honeywell
Target Development and Conduct of a Fuel Efficiency Training Program