About aviaconsult

procedure design & aviation consulting operates as an individual enterprise for more than 20 years in the industry domains of aviation and air traffic management.

Operational Expertise
Safety and Capactity

We gained reasonable experience in design and implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
applications and conventional aeronautical procedures. The development of PBN applications requires
an interdisciplinary work scheme as the increased flexibility and existing operational,
environmental and topographical challenges may not be addressed by classical procedure design
workflows. aviaCONsult offers the advantage of combined design and operational expertise with the
primary focus on safe flight operations.

The strength of aviaCONsult – procedure design and aviation consulting is the combination of
expertise in state-of-the-art procedure design and excellent operational knowledge. The challenges
caused by fast growing PBN implementations require a consolidated view on regulatory levels and a
concept how to interlink operations, air traffic services and regulative bodies for a successful
implementation of airspace design concepts. The integration of PBN concepts into conventional and
non-conventional airspaces as well as the development of operating concepts belong to the core
expertise of aviaCONsult – procedure design & aviation consulting.
With time passing by aviaCONsult developed with customer requirements. We are not only providing
expertise in procedure design – the portfolio includes services for airlines, air navigation service
providers, governments, non-governmental organizations and adjacent industries.
Services concentrate in design activities, in the development of operating concepts, in airline
certification for selected navigational option or in services as court-appointed expert.

Over the last decade the requirement on sustainable air traffic management and sustainable aircraft
operations developed as a challenge.
aviaCONsult provides solutions for a more sustainable aviation. Whilst safety is always the priority
number one we understand the balancing of sustainability projects with requirements on environment
and capacity.

aviaCONsult personnel are or were member of

ICAO PBN PT - Performance Based Navigation Promotion Team (closed)
ICAO EUR PBN TF - European Performance Based Navigation Task Force (closed)
EUROCONTROL RNDSG - Route Network Development Sub Group
ExPASS - Expert group for active noise abatement, Germany
German PBN Implementation Expert Team
Task Force Flight Path Optimization Germany
ICAO EUR PBN GO Team Member (closed)

The aviaCONsult team consists of ICAO certified procedure designers, management experienced airline pilots and other graduated specialists. The core business is aeronautical procedure design with all necessary interlinked services. aviaCONsult works with the customer in close cooperation in order to analyze the present situation, to evaluate potentials in each specific environment and to develop an optimum solution.


aviaCONsult – procedure design & aviation consulting was founded by Frank Lumnitzer.
He still acts as managing director.

Frank Lumnitzer gained reasonable experience over the past 25 years in aviation.

  • First Officer and CPT. B757/B767
    Condor Flugdienst GmbH

  • CPT. B777
    Lufthansa Cargo AG

  • CPT. A330/A340
    Lufthansa AG

  • Head of Fuel-, Environmental- and Air Traffic Management
    Condor Flugdienst GmbH

  • Senior Manager Group ATM Development and Stakeholder Relations
    Lufthansa AG