Project ARMATS - Migration towards Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

aviaCONsult – procedure design & aviation consulting is proud for having been chosen by the Armenian Air Navigation Service Provider ARMATS as the selected partner to develop its classic conventional airspace into a fully PBN compliant airspace. The focus of the project was on airspace and procedure design, on training, on operational implementation support and on consulting to adapt the national regulatory framework appropriately.

An interesting challenge was the task to design an instrument approach procedure for Yerevan Intl. Airport (UDYZ) runway 27, where no instrument approach procedure was available before. Critical terrain and obstacle situation required a careful analysis of the given limitations and development of an operating concept. In a second project part the newly developed RNP APCH RWY27 was further optimized in order to increase flight safety and efficiency. The new RNP Y RWY27 was one of the first instrument approach procedures in the European region using Advanced RNP (A-RNP) criteria. Both project parts included the development of RNAV1 SIDs and STARs as well as RNP approach procedures for Yerevan (UDYZ) and Gyumri (UDSG) airport.

ARMATS has been further supported in developing operating concepts for circling operations with and without prescribed tracks.

Location Armenia
Period 2014/2015 & 2020
Customer / Airline ARMATS (Armenian Air Navigation Service Provider)
Target Improve Airport Accessibility, Increase Safety Level, Migrate to newer technology