procedure design & aviation consulting

aviaCONsult is a motivated team of certified procedure designers, management experienced airline pilots, regulatory experts and other graduated specialists. The company has a more than 20 years experience in aviation consulting.

Our services

Our expertise supports your strategy to meet defined targets in improved efficiency and sustainability, in better airport accessibility and increased levels of flight safety and capacity. Technical tasks like aeronautical studies, operational risk analysis’ and court-nominated expert reports are rounding up the portfolio.


The design portfolio covers conventional and performance based navigation flight procedure design and airspace design or re-design.
We understand aeronautical procedure design not simply as drawing lines on a chart - we understand it as a task to fully support safety, capacity and environmental targets. The simulated prediction of flight trajectories, aeronautical studies, the covering of coding elements and support of flight procedure validation are covered as well. The customer can expect implementation and training support if required.

Operational Concepts

Our customers can expect a full support during strategic development of an airspace or airport, during implementation and during trials and after-service analysis. Robust operating concepts will contribute to meet flight safety, efficiency and capacity targets. The development of operating concepts or standards requires a solid expertise in a wide range of aviation. It is the unique strength of aviaCONsult to have that combined expertise in aircraft operation and air traffic management available. The focus of a project will vary by customer requirements. aviaCONsult is able to setup and manage modernization projects which either focus on capacity, on efficiency, on noise or overall sustainability.
Our conceptional services include the strategic development of flight procedures to meet environmentally targets. We are having the capability to predict flight trajectories and noise effects for a specific design idea and to adapt the procedures as needed in order to create actual trajectories after implementation which will reflect the least environmental impact.


An important factor for a successful airspace modernization project is the appropriate qualification of all relevant stakeholders. aviaCONsult - procedure design & aviation consulting is able to provide the required training for airline specialists, for pilots, for air traffic controllers or other involved stakeholders.
Fuel efficiency and operational excellence are stability factor for airlines. The training and qualification portfolio includes conduct of training, modification of regulatory frameworks and guidelines and the support in change management aspects.

Green Flying - Improving Sustainability

„Saving the Planet“ is the ultimate task for all industries. Aviation contributes with a 2% share to the worldwide carbon dioxide emissions. We will require new propulsion systems, new aircraft concepts and sustainable aviation fuels to meet all targets for a logistics with zero emissions. In between it is the challenge for all of us to reduce the carbon foot print as much as we can. The European airspace alone has a saving potential of 10% once air traffic management and airspace design allow an optimum trajectory. aviaCONsult - procedure design & aviation consulting has the expertise to work with you together on your „green flying“ concepts and on the development and implementation of specific projects, which will improve the green house gas emissions for your airspace.

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